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At MDCare eservices, we also offer Clearinghouse service to the needy clients. May be you are confused that what Clearinghouse is? Well, so you need to get bothered as we are sharing below all its related information.

What is Clearinghouse?

Medical billing clearinghouses is defined in terms of taking claim information from a billing provider, scrutinize the claims for blunders and send the same to insurance companies digitally. The benefits we would say that claims which are sent electronically are paid quickly than paper claims. Some of the benefits you would get after choosing clearinghouse are:

  • It reduces the cost of paper and postage;

  • It is possible to send various claims quickly without any physical hassle;

  • It is also possible send claims to various insurance companies quickly;

  • It takes less time to get paid;

Probably, now you’d have a fair idea about what actually the clearinghouse is?

So, if you undergo the inevitability of Clearinghouse service then the first name you must choose is MDcare eservices. Our professionals are very much friendly and work with as a part of your esteemed organization. They will be always there whenever you feel the necessity. Feel free to contact us to know more.

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    While being a client of MDCare eservices, I was able to manage our long lost AR.They have professionals for every issue I had. Thank you MDcare

    John Doe,Manager

  • " Professional Team"

    Everyone is very professional and emotionally connected to your problems at the same time. They have a genuine interest in doing a good job

    elit semper,Consultant

  • " Reliable Service".

    The expertise, accuracy, and attention to details have been instrumental. While having my practice enjoy high levels of reimbursements while experiencing least number of denials.

    Amet Doe,Doctor