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Charge Posting

Charge Posting is one of the chief domains of medical billing which requires more attention and accuracy. In this process, every patient’s account is assigned with the correct $ value according to the coding and suitable fee schedule. If any wrong entries have been made then it would be great hassle for patient as well organization and therefore the process needs to be accomplished with utmost care.

At MDCare eservices, we are expert in providing charge posting in medical billing. Our team have years of expertise in providing the charge posting service on several medical billing systems. The experience of our teams tells that what we can do for you.

Charge Posting Service at MDCare eservices

  • We follow account specific rules for entering the charges in to the client’s medical billing system.
  • If we find any pending documents that need clarification, we send the same to the clients.
  • Our quality team audits the final charges.
  • Our team is not only capable in handling data entry works but also offer value addition. Contact us today to know more about the services we offer. We ensure you serve you in every possible mean.

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      While being a client of MDCare eservices, I was able to manage our long lost AR.They have professionals for every issue I had. Thank you MDCare

      John Doe,Manager

    • " Professional Team"

      Everyone is very professional and emotionally connected to your problems at the same time. They have a genuine interest in doing a good job

      elit semper,ConsultantDolor Elit

    • " Reliable Service"

      The expertise, accuracy, and attention to details have been instrumental. While having my practice enjoy high levels of reimbursements while experiencing least number of denials.

      Amet Doe,Doctor